The Atlantis Gene by A.G. Riddle

This book review is going to be more of a review this time and less of a whole book summary like my last one of Armada. I am going to try to leave all spoilers out as well.

I am not a picky audience and tend to enjoy everything I consume. That being said, this novel was no exception.

The Atlantis Gene has a ton of mystery, secrecy, and conspiracies all wrapped up around the story. Those happen to be three of my favorite qualities! I love reading about conspiracy theories, they are so entertaining! I do however, stop myself from going to far down the rabbit hole. The mysteries in this book are enough to keep you wondering the whole time and thinking “Wow that’s pretty sweet”. (In my own words.)

This novel does a good job of keeping you hooked the whole time. It is set up with short and quick action filled chapters to set the pace. It reminded me of reading a good Robert Langdon story by Dan Brown. The chapters kept flying by as I stayed up all night losing my much valuable sleep for work following mornings.

I do have one thing that bugged the hell out of me. A few times during the story the same line was used referring to a neanderthal type “Is it an ape? No a human? Or something in between”. It stuck with me and bothered me so much that they used it again and again.

I am excited to finish the trilogy! I have already started the second book as soon as I finished the first. (Amazon delivered with perfect timing)


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  1. Did you ever complete the series? I read all three in 2016 and I just thought the premise was so cool. The action and thriller aspects were great and I too love a good conspiracy especially when the author combines some many different elements into the conspiracy like the german bell, space aliens, autism like whaatt. It was also a really interesting series with how different each book was and the whole story changed and played out.


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