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It’s here! The first episode “Out of Shadows” of LS3 is out!

Guild Wars 2 has finally started Living World 3 with a bang. I’ll admit, I was not to hyped for this update but after playing it…I love it!

We have seen some awesome quality of life updates with this patch and that is just the beginning. This update brings an awesome new map, an exciting story, and a boat load of other updates and skill balances.

I have not tried fractals yet but I am sure I will soon.

The same goes to PvP. I remember playing that old map back in the day when the game first released. I am excited to hop in and try it out. PvP has felt pretty stale recently. I love how they redesigned the map to look like old Lion’s Arch too. (Which reminds me of the joke in the living story where they mention that the bloodstone blast could have destroyed Lion’s Arch again. I really hope it does get destroyed another time just to keep it a running joke.)

The story brings back memories of Guild Wars 1 (Probably my favorite game of all time?) With all the lore including the white mantle, mursaat, and jade, what’s not to love? I am also very surprised that the community is not blowing up yet with the giant news they drop at the end of the last story.



Primordius is awake!! This is giant! Could the rest of the season 3 be building up to an eventual fight with Primordius? Will it set it up for another expansion that deals with Primordius? What is going to happen with Lazarus! I am looking forward to where they take the story next!

The hype is real!



One comment on “Guild Wars 2: Living World Season 3 now out!

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