Bloody Mary: Part 1

“You fix your tie, nervously clutch your bouquet, and look at the bathroom mirror, preparing to ask your prom date out. Turning off the lights, you whisper, “Bloody Mary…”

With intense concentration, Max stood in front of his bathroom mirror attempting to fix his tie.  “Aww sweetie you look so cute!”  His mother chided. “Yeah yeah, thanks mom” he replied back to her. “Here let me get that for you. You are making it worse! Stop!” His mother took over for him, gently putting his black silk tie back in place. Max had been fumbling with the tie for close to a half hour now trying to look his best. It was only a few hours until prom would start and he needed to look sharp. As his mother fixed his tie for him, he stood there biting his lower lip and resisting the urge to wipe the sweat that was slowly forming along his hairline. Everything had to be perfect, and if everything was perfect, there was no way she could say no to him. “Ok sweetie I think that looks good.” His mother said as she stood back to appreciate her work. Max looked at himself in the mirror and he face was now glowing with happiness. “This tuxedo better be worth the money I am renting it for.” Max thought to himself as he admired it through the mirror’s reflection. “So how come I haven’t met this girl yet? Is she coming here for pictures?” His mother asked. “No mom, she’s not coming here.  I am going to get her.” He responded.  His mother’s eyes squinted in the slightest as her brow furrowed. “It is a she right?” she asked. Max snapped his head towards her direction as soon as she finished asking the question. “Not that it matters. You know I love you and will always support you.” She said after seeing his reaction. Max let out a big sigh and replied “Yes mom it’s a she.”

Max wish he could introduce his girlfriend to his mother, but the dynamics of their relationship were odd to put it lightly. Max first met her when he was 8 years old. He still remembers the first day they met. They had played together all day. She had grown up at the same rate as him throughout the years. His mother had always her storied about this Mary girl, but she has never actually met her. His mother has always been skeptical about their relationship and even sought out advice on whether her Max needed therapy. She has kept these doubts to herself over the years and Max has been none the wiser.

“Mom I need to go to the bathroom” Max said to his mother. “Ok sweetie I’ll be in the living room with my camera.” She replied back. Max took one last look at himself in the mirror to make sure he everything looked perfect.  Max’s face hardened as he ran his fingers threw his hair in an attempt to fix it. “I guess this is as good as it’s going to get” he thought. He reached over towards the light switch and turned it off. Now in the dark bathroom with the only light visible from the bottom of the door he looked into the mirror. Max bit his bottom lip again and took a deep breath.  He slowly raised his eyes up and whispered as lightly as he could “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.”

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