Bloody Mary: Part 2

“Oh why are you so handsome tonight!?” The face in the mirror said to him. Her face was beautiful and lit by a dim aura that surrounded her body. She had dark red hair and piercing red eyes. “It’s uhh…a special night…” Max stammered back. No matter how much they have talked, Max’s hand still shook a little as he prepared to ask his question. Mary’s eyes lit up as she said “It must be. I want to know who the lucky lady is.” There was a faint twinkle in Mary’s eyes as she said this. Max bit his lower lip again and said “Well…I was hoping that could be you.” Max took another deep breath. “You see prom is tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to be my date?” Max asked her speaking all of the words too fast. Mary’s eyes widened and a huge grin appeared that stretched across her face. She was almost on the verge of crying as her eyes welled up with tears. “Max!” She yelled back at him. “Of course I will!”

Max finally let his breath out that he had been holding unaware since he asked the question. He picked his shoulders back up and his face transformed from the pains of doubt it had only seconds before. “She said yes!” He said to himself. “I uhh…got you these too” Max said as he reached over to pick up his bouquet of roses off the bathroom counter next to the sink. The roses were vibrant in their red shade and covered with small thorns. Mary’s tear filled eyes finally broke and a few drops raced down the side of her face. This was the nicest thing anyone has done for her. “They are beautiful Max, thank you.” She said back to him in a breathless whisper, and behind here tears her eyes had shimmered again.

The door suddenly erupted in a series of knocks that snapped both of them out of their lover’s trance. “Max have you finished yet? Why is the light off?” His mom asked after she finished knocking on the bathroom door. The surprise of the knocking was enough to make Max jump a little and look towards the door. He looked down at the shadows at the bottom of the door with wide eyes. “Yes mom I’m fine.” Max said back clearly agitated with her. Max held his gaze on the door for a few moments praying that the doorknob would not turn. He heard his mother’s steps as she walked back down the hall to his living room. He let out another deep sigh and turned back to the mirror.

His heart stopped and dropped the roses back onto the counter. Mary was gone. “The knock must have scared her away” Max thought. Biting his lip again Max whispered “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”. Nothing. There was no face that appeared. No otherworldly glow of her aura. There was no one with him.  Max whispered again “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”. Still nothing. Max started to panic now as the sweat on his hairline started appearing again. His breathing started to pick up more rapidly now and he fidgeted with his hand. “This can’t be happening. Not tonight. Where is she?” Max continued to worry to himself as he frantically flicked the light switch up and down. The lights flashed on and off illuminating his face as he stared hopeless into the mirror and the shadows were casting sinister shapes across his face. “Mary!” Max yelled with a heavy pain in his chest and in complete darkness.

The doorknob of the bathroom started to jiggle. Max immediately snapped out of his sorrow filled staring and was now terrified. His mother had heard him scream. “Max! Is everything ok? Let me in!” The doorknob continued to move violently. Max was frozen in time and could not move. He looked down to the roses with the weight of the world in his gaze. A tear slowly streamed down the side of his face as he reached out to grab the flowers. He wrapped his hand tightly around them and looked up toward the mirror one last time. Max’s hand holding the roses dropped to his side as he clutched them harder. He did not see Mary looking back at him. Max did not even see himself in his own eyes. He stood there calmly letting his world crash down around him. He heard more screams from outside the door and he could hear the doorknob still franticly being shaken. Drops of blood from the thorns were slowly dripping onto the floor. Max did not notice. He could feel nothing right now as he stared into the dead eyes looking back at him.

“I must be with her.” Max whispered out loud to himself. “I need her.” The light coming from under the bathroom door changed sporadically as his mother moved around trying to get him to open the door. The light occasionally lit up the blood dropping and now forming a small, shimmering puddle on the floor. Without notice, the doorknob tremors had stopped.  The world grew quiet and still. The pressure increased as the only sounds to be heard were the faint droppings of blood, and the long foreboding silence. The room’s atmosphere grew thick as the silence became heavier and heavier.

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