Bloody Mary: Part 3

The air was violently brought back into the world as the bathroom door swung open. “Max what is going on in here!” His mother yelled as she finished opening the door. “Why are the lights off?” She asked as she moved her hand towards the light switch. “No mom!” Max yelled back at her as he moved his arm up to stop her from switching the lights back on. His bloody hand slipped around her arm as he pushed her away. “Max what are you doing? Why is your hand all wet?” His mother asked with fear in her eyes. She grew increasingly more frustrated at the way that Max was acting. Her arm tensed as she went to try and turn the lights on again. “Mom stop!” Max said as he went to block her arm again. This time Max lost control of his anger and pushed him mom with too much force.  “I just need to see her again.” He thought to himself. The only way Max could ever see her again was if the lights were off, and his mother was trying to stop him from being happy again.

His mother tumbled backwards after Max had finished pushing her. Her arms were still outstretched as she was trying to turn on the bathroom light to see what was wrong with her son. Max quickly turned his attention forward to stare deeply into the mirror.  His lower lip was still being bitten as he frantically thought to himself. His mother crashed down onto the floor and her head bounced as it collapsed onto the tile. A small pool of blood was quickly forming underneath her head. As he was still oblivious to the commotion around him, he started to grow impatient with the mirror.

Max’s right arm jutted out in a fit of fury as he punched the mirror. The mirror shattered and shards fell onto the counter and on the floor beside him. “Where are you!” He screamed at the mirror. The dead look that was previously in his eyes had turned to rage. Both of his hands were now bloody and dripping with sharp splats. Max, however, did not feel any pain. The adrenaline surging through his body took over for him. He punched what was left of the mirror again and again. When he finally stopped he looked down at his hand that was now mangled from all the cuts. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed his mother laying the ground. Max’s eye immediately lost the look of rage as they grew wide realizing what he had done. He had knocked his mother over and she was now unconscious. He could see the blood forming around her head and only then did he noticed his own blood pool that had been formed by the thorns on the roses. He sunk to his knees while his body was convulsing, and eyes were wide in shock and his mouth agape.

“Mom…” Max whispered as he looked over her unconscious body. “Mary…” he breathed out as he looked at the shards of mirror on the bathroom floor around him. He sat there in the dark his body held down by the weight of what he had done. “I need to be with her. Maybe if I…” Max thought to himself as he picked up one of the bloody mirror shards that were scattered around him. He looked intently into the mirror hoping to see her again. He thought he saw a faint shimmer, but it was nothing. He dropped the shard and looked back up where he had spent most of his childhood. This was the place he would come to talk to Mary everyday as a child.

Out of the corner of his eye Max caught something move in the broken mirror above him. In one of the pieces that still clung to the bathroom wall he could see her.  “Yes! It is Mary!” He thought to himself. He struggled to pick himself up to talk to her. His body felt so weak and his hand slipped on the bathroom counter with blood. He finally managed to raise himself up to a hunched over stand, and looked Mary in the eyes. “Join me.” She said coolly back to him with the shimmer in her blood red eyes. “What?” Max asked back to his own blank reflection. If he really was talking to Mary she was not there anymore. All that remained was his pale, defeated, visage.

Seeing Mary again filled him with some hope. Max looked down at his mother again and he felt a mix of emotions. He had hurt his mother and seen his loved one again. He moved his gaze back to where the broken mirror was and to the remaining shard that he had seen Mary in. He reached his hand out while his arm was filled with tremors. He dug his nails and fingers behind the last remaining piece of mirror and pulled it off. He pulled it close to him and looked deeply into it. “Mary…” he said into the dark reflection. He looked into his own eyes and saw a different person looking back. In one last fit of adrenaline he squeezed the jagged piece of mirror. He moved his hand up and slit his own throat as hard and fast as he could. He fell backwards convulsing again. The only sounds were of Max choking on his own blood. His eyes rolled back and his body fell limp. Mary watched Max through the shard he had just used to kill himself with and a faint smile played across her lips.

3 thoughts on “Bloody Mary: Part 3

  1. When I read part 1 I thought this was gonna be a cute romance story where Bloody Mary is an ordinary girl but people misrepresent her. But then the twist in part 2 and 3…yes just yes.


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