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Shift by Hugh Howey

This was my most recent read. I must admit off the bat though, I did enjoy the first collection Wool better. That does not mean that  Shift is bad in any way. Wool just grips you in a way that any good first novel in a series does with it’s fantastic world. Shift, however, feels much better written than Wool. You can see Hugh Howey’s progression as a writer. Shift is a beautifully written story and it will keep you entertained and wanting more for the whole ride.

The majority of this novel is a prequel to the events that occurred during Wool.  This is so exciting because it answers so many questions I had while reading the first of the series. The book will take you from the very beginning and leave you at where Wool finished. It makes me so happy to be able to get views of the other characters that showed up in Wool. 

The world Hugh has created in the silo series is amazing. Wool rekindled my love for scifi when I finished it about a year ago. The post apocalyptic setting is a favorite of mine. The setting, mixed with plenty of mysteries, and a strong writer to orchestrate it al together, is the perfect recipe for a Chaz favorite.

Buy the book here! – Shift (Silo Trilogy)

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