The Martian by Andy Weir

This one has been really popular the past couple years since it was released and due to all the hype of the movie. When I saw that they were making the movie I decided it was time to jump on the bandwagon and pick up a copy before the movie came out. That was one of my better decisions. 

The book was really unique to me. Being the nerd I am, I really loved how techinical all of the details were. The sense of humor thrown in really made this story stand out. I remember actually cracking up at times to the wise-ass remarks. I could see myself being good friends with Mark Watney (the main character). The problem solving was really well written and I enjoyed watching Watney figure out how to survive on Mars. With the technical details mixed in with the problem solving, it really helped show that Andy Weir actually has a clue to what he is talking about. (He does) i enjoyed that the story was written as a journal of the sols (Mars days). It keeps the story moving at a steady pace.

I liked the book so much, and being a Matt Damon fan as well, I may have made the mistake of having super high expectations for the movie. The movie was great in its own way, but it was lacking everything that I loved from the book. I missed seeing the complex math solved many times, and especially the humor. They still tried to keep the character as true to the book as possible, but it didn’t feel the same to me. I wanted to see more of the character I had made up. This could be my own problem though. There is a reason why everyone says the books are always better than the movies though. 

If you are looking for a quick read and you enjoy sci-fi I would definitely pick this up. If you haven’t read it yet either then what year is it?! The humor and excellent story will keep you entertained the whole ride.