Spacex plans for Mars

This is the long term plan that we need. 

4 thoughts on “Spacex plans for Mars

  1. I once wrote an article for my long-ago column that revolved around what living on Mars might be like, it was supposed to be humorous, but many of my readers were way serious about it. Many believed it was…Going To Happen! And it may yet. But after watching The Martian, I doubt I would want to be on that flight. Great video though.

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  2. He may just be the man to get us there! I first glommed on to Elon Musk by way “Tesla, SpaceX, and the quest for a fantastic future”, by Ashlee Vance. Having grown up during NASA’s preeminence with the Apollo missions, this book opened my eyes to Musk’s unconventional approach to space, as well as his other endeavors.


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