The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

The epic struggle of a lifetime. When it is you versus the world. Life versus death. The fight burning and raging inside you. The will and determination to maintain discipline.

Santiago and I share something in common, we both felt those same universal themes. While Santiago was putting it all on the line for the ultimate catch… I was trying to get through this book. (Yeah that’s pretty dramatic on my part haha)

I respect this novel for what it’s done and the themes that are so prevalent, but I just didn’t enjoy it that much. The prose felt off to me and it did not keep me hooked. I found myself losing interest and having to reread some paragraphs that I daydreamed through. The saving grace was the length. It was short enough that I could power through it extremely quick. If I learned anything from ol’ Santiago, it’s that you can’t quit when the going gets tough.

It’s not actually as bad as I’m making it out to be. You can finish this story easily in a day and learn some things about the human spirit. I’ve moved onto another fantasy novel after this though…

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