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Robert Langdon, Harvard professor of symbology and religious iconology, arrives at the ultramodern Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao to attend a major announcement—the unveiling of a discovery that “will change the face of science forever.” The evening’s host is Edmond Kirsch, a forty-year-old billionaire and futurist whose dazzling high-tech inventions and audacious predictions have made him a renowned global figure. Kirsch, who was one of Langdon’s first students at Harvard two decades earlier, is about to reveal an astonishing breakthrough . . . one that will answer two of the fundamental questions of human existence. – Goodreads Synopsis

Happy New Year everyone! 

Alright folks – Dan Brown is back at it again with Robert Langdon 2k17! …I mean Origin. If you are a fan of Dan Brown, well then this is nothing new. Robert Langdon has somehow got himself on center stage for major world events… yet again. (What kind of luck does this guy have?!) This time, there is another new twist, and another new hot sci-fi topic to explore – and you guessed it, this one is going to ruffle some religious feathers. (Which no one saw coming)

I see Dan Brown gets kind of a bad rap around the general writing and bookish communities, I’m not saying that I entirely disagree, but I’ve enjoyed every Robert Langdon novel despite my earlier sarcasm. The cookie cutter formula does get old, but I always end up enjoyed the ride each time. Even if it’s the same ride with a new face. The best part of the ride is how thrilling it always is – I got Origin the same week that it released, and I devoured it almost immediately. (I am a very slooooow reader too) The combination of cliffhangers, the satisfying release of information and mystery, and the short chapters keep these pages turning. If that’s your thing pick this one up and give it a try.

I love how Dan Brown always incorporates some type of fringe scientific discoveries into each of his works. It provides that extra magic behind the mystery that makes you want to question if what you are reading is actually true. (Or could become true)

Speaking of which, check out Black Mirror series 4 if you haven’t seen it yet. I’ve binged watched all the episodes once it came out and it is fantastic. If you have not tried Black Mirror at all yet, seriously go try it right now. It’s on netflix – here. (The first episode IMO was not the greatest, so do not go by that one)

I usually avoid assigning a rating system to the books that I read (Just not really my thing. For me it’s more like a hate-like-love system) but, Origin would probably end up at around a 3.5. I enjoyed it, but I do not find myself thinking about it for weeks after I read it. (Thanks Stormlight Archives)

Buy Origin – Here

“Then let me ask you this famous question: Would you rather live in a world without technology…or in a world without religion? Would you rather live without medicine, electricity, transportation, and antibiotics…or without zealots waging war over fictional tales and imaginary spirits?” – Origin by Dan Brown


  1. I haven’t read any of his books but this time I might, as “Origins” was quickly translated in Romanian Language and it was launched at a major Book Fair in Bucharest, where Dan Brown was invited too. I found him very enjoyable and with a good load of humour, challenging the readers and the world with his questions.

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  2. I love the Black Mirror series. I love the dystopian tone of each episode. Some of the episode are a little chilling. The writers of the show are superb!

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  3. I love Dan Brown and his books and I have no shame about it haha it is popcorn thriller so I’m not really looking for anything literary about it, just pure distraction from reality and it delivers 😊. I’ve watched the first season of Black Mirror and I loved it so I’m not sure why I suddenly stopped lol, maybe this year I should continue watching, it sounds awesome!

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  4. Thanks for your review! Definitely the same formula over and over again…but still thrilling and enjoyable every time! I’ve been on hold for this one at my library for weeks…eager to get my hands on it.

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  5. Great review, but something confuses me… The first episode of the new Black mirror is my new fave BM episode of all time! Chilling, creepy, nerdy, prescient, fantastic acting, edge of your seat intensity – I loved it so much! What didn’t you like about it??

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      1. Yeah I am haha sorry it’s just me being dumb. It’s amazing isn’t it!! In a way for me it’s one of the most terrifying too, much more so than the other dystopias, as it’s playing with the idea of replicating and confining consciousness.. I’m liking the other S3 eps too but they all just feel a little underwhelming after watching USS. Maybe Brooker should have ended the series with it!

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  6. I love Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series too even though it’s a bit formulaic. And I loved seasons 1 and 2 of Black Mirror, but I just can’t stand any of the Netflix produced ones. And yes, the first episode of season 4 was awful, which is why I still haven’t watched the rest of it. Perhaps if I have time I will watch.

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  7. Great review. The book is formula writing at it’s best…..but I do get a little weary of the chase scenes, he’s always running from someone and always accompanied by some much younger attractive woman. Maybe it makes for better movie rights. I found the artificial intelligence aspect interesting and a bit scary…

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  8. I am probably in the vast minority especially as a book blogger, but I’ve never read Dan Brown. (oops?) However, I sense that he may share a reputation with James Patterson who I have read a lot of. They may not be great writers, but I do know that Patterson knows how to tell a story. I presume Brown is the same way.
    Great review.

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  9. Have you found that Black Mirror is awesome until you try to explain to people what it’s about and why you like it? I tried to share it with family members and it was a fail. I don’t know why I dig it. I just do.

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  10. Another book to add to my collection. Thanks for liking my post Chaz, I hope that is your name. As for Black Mirror, every time I watch it I become sad with the endings and wondered if I should keep watching. I have not seen an episode in months but my daughter just discovered the series. I will definitely choose religion over technology. No matter what I do, my religion keeps me insane and reminds me to be the best I need to be for my sake and humanity sake and it is worth.

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  11. Thanks for this review, I had been wondering about this book. And thanks for stopping by my page. I appreciate. Will keep up with your page. Have a great writing day. – Robert

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  12. I still remember how I was absolutely floored by The DaVinci Code and went into an overdrive to check out the old masters and the conspiracies. The last Dan Brown ‘Inferno’ disappointed me which read more like a Guide book to the sights and sounds of Florence with a mandatory chase thrown in, but your review of the new one has made me hopeful again . Can’t wait to check that out and Black Mirror, the twist in the tales keep getting better every season.

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  13. Is it bad that I’ve only seen the Tom Hanks movies so far? ^^; I’ve always been curious about The Da Vinci Code and its views on religion and history. I actually visited Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland some years ago, and it was fascinating! All the artwork — the Green Man carvings, the ceiling full of flowers, stars and moons…it was definitely one of my favorite parts of my UK trip.

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  14. This was a great review. I enjoyed it. I used to read a lot more, however, time got lost somewhere and has never returned. Wait…. I know what happened to it…. Southern New Hampshire University took all of my time. May of this year I’ll graduate with my degree, and I’ll have time to read my two bookcases of books. By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for following me. I also followed you. I love reading book reviews and I love giving them when I have time.

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  15. I got to hear Dan Brown speak at a meet and greet for Origin! He talked about his upbringing with a mathematician father and open-minded religious mother. I enjoyed watching those two topics unfold, again, in his new book with my newly acquired perspective.

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  16. I have only read Angels & Demons & The Da Vinci Code. Heard this was a good one. Would I have to read the others before this to read this one?

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    1. I don’t think it’s necessary to read the others first, but personally I would go in order (if not just for the sake of order) because The Lost Symbol was pretty entertaining.

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  17. I’m one of those readers who just couldn’t get behind Dan Brown and his short chapters with CONSTANTLY cliff hanger endings to the point where you just didn’t care anymore… But, I’ve been hearing so many good things about this one in the series that it ALMOST makes me want to go back and give them another try!! …. Dilemmas…


  18. I haven’t read this one or watched Black Mirror yet!!! You say, better than LOST? Is that even possible? Your review makes it very tempting though. Love your word play. I wouldn’t live in a world where there’s little or no sarcasm and imagination, not worth it! And definitely wouldn’t live a world without Brown and his Langdon!!! Good stuff, please keep them coming!

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    1. Just finished watching Black Mirror season1, intriguing. Big mistake I took your review seriously, now I have no choice but to binge watch the rest 😂. Thank you 😉

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              1. I liked San Junipero, it was romantic! And I liked Black Museum too. For me, White Christmas was overshadowed by John Hamm’s presence. If it wasn’t for Don Draper, it wouldn’t top my list.

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  19. Yes, Dan Brown could work on his sentences more but he definitely knows how to write a great story. I’ve learned a lot from him writing wise, and it sounds weird to say that!

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