The Setup

Way back in June, Jenna and I had talked about possibly getting together to do a buddy read. Fast forward to August, and we started to finally read “Kings of the Wyld”. Fast forward to December…and it’s finally ready to be posted!

The time may have passed by quickly, and Jenna is quick to say that it was her own life that got in the way, but it was definitely my fault! This being the 2nd Buddy Read / Collab that I’ve done, it’s nice to know that I am at the very least consistent. (Consistently terrible at meeting deadlines, coming up with good questions, being nice, and so on…)

If you haven’t met Jenna yet, or have seen her blog, definitely go check it out here. Not only does she have a fantastic blog name “Bookmark Your Thoughts”, but she also has one of the best aesthetics I’ve ever seen. Her organizational skills are off the chart! She usually opens all of her posts with “Hello Beautiful People!”, but it is really herself and her blog that take that accolade. My blog feels so plain compared to hers.

Get to know more about her by reading her “About” page here!

You can read her version of this post here too! Make sure to go give it some love!

Jenna’s Questions to Chaz

A number of reviewers have mentioned that though they typically don’t read fantasy, they’ve really enjoyed Eames’ novel. Why do you think that is?

I think that humor and adventure is easily accessible for a lot of people, and Kings of the Wyld does each of those well. A lot of fantasy books can be boring for people because some authors do the worldbuilding infodump before anything interesting happens. This book will not drag you down with superfluous details. It’s made to entertain! 

You have the opportunity to cast the 5 main characters in an upcoming film? Who would you choose?

Clay: Kevin James? 

Gabe: Vince Neil (Current age)

Moog: John Malkovich

Ganelon: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Conan days) , Jason Mamoa now

Matrick: Mark Addy

What elements do you think Kings of the Wyld excels in with regards to the plot portraying a rather “traditional fantasy novel” story? What parts could’ve been worked on more?

It does follow the basic outline and plot structure of a fantasy “Hero’s Journey”, but there is nothing wrong with that. What really stands out for me is the filler scenes with the humor. More suspension could have been built to really hone in on each of the big plot points to give a bigger payoff, but I don’t think that’s what this book is about. Sure there are moments when you cheered, but I know I will forget them. I will not forget a bunch of warriors trying to fight with erections because of a crazy wizard though.

Would you recommend this to other readers? If yes, who would you recommend it to and why? (I.e. fantasy lovers, age groups, any kind of reader, etc.)

Yes I would recommend it. Fantasy lovers that are not looking for a hardcore experience, and anyone that likes adventures and humor. 

And copying one of your questions, do you plan on reading the next book in the series Bloody Rose?

Yes! I already have it on my bookshelf. (AKA the TBR of doom.) I have no idea when I will get to it though. My reading has dropped off quite a bit in the second half of this year. 

Chaz’s Questions to Jenna

What were some of your favorite funny moments that happened in the book?

Hmmm … I don’t want to spoil anything for people ha-ha! But I think my favourite is when they first introduce Moog and when the group first meets Jain and the Silk Arrows … the way the group reacts is absolutely priceless! And I have a real love of Jain and the Silk Arrows!

We had talked about this on IG already, but how do you feel the monsters and places were introduced? Could there have been a way to make them more memorable? 

I love the diverse amount of monsters and the different cities. I found the cities are described pretty well and the monsters too. My ISSUE is that there’s SO much going on that I can’t quite remember it all. I think this novel would GREATLY benefit readers if there was a glossary or something.

What made the characters really stick out for you?

They are all so unique! They each have their own story, personal growth and unique character traits about them. I was honestly shocked to see that, since I find it hard for most authors to really make each character stick out and be unique when you have such a large number of central characters. 

Are you planning on reading the next book in the series “Bloody Rose”? 

Oh … 100% yes. I honestly meant to read it RIGHT after Kings of the Wyld, but I had to play catch up and life kind of got in the way of my reading time. I’m hoping to start it either the end of December or early January 2020!

I picture actress Jane Lynch in my head while reading about Jain and the Silk Arrows. Could you see that connection and did you have anyone that came to mind while reading any of the other characters?

I actually didn’t see that connection, but I totally see where you’re coming from! If she were in it, she’d be a Jain … 100%. That sassy and confident attitude would totally work well with Jane Lynch’s acting style. I think a lot of it is also because a lot of the women in this novel are strong, independent and not intimated by men or beasts so easily. And Jane Lynch basically radiates that strong woman figure vibe — hence why she’s so loved ha-ha! A lot of the humour in the book is similar to her humour as well.

The Windup

That question Jenna gave me about the movie cast really stumped me. I needed to find the perfect cast: The perfect personification of the characters! I am still not 100% satisfied with my answers, but I guess that is the way that it goes. That Kevin James response still bothers me. I know there is a better answer and hopefully I think of it sometime soon! (With how fast I think…probably never.)

Lookout tomorrow for our own personal reviews of the book to be posted!

Future Buddy Reads / Collabs

If you are thinking of wanting to get together with me at some point to do one of these, be prepared to be frustrated. I’ve been terrible with reading deadlines and writing good content… but you might get a few good jokes instead! (I’m most accessible via Instagram DM.)





  1. How are you so sweet!?!?!? Thank you so much for all of the compliments!!! I had a lot of fun doing this collab with you! It was actually nice not having too much pressure to finish everything so quickly. And I swear, it was me that kept forgetting to email 😅 we must do another but buddy read … We can see if we beat our completion goal! Perhaps Bloody Rose??? Wonderful post and thank you again!!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I haven’t read it, but since you said you weren’t happy with your choice of Kevin James, how about James Cordon instead? I’m no fan of his but he was good in Doctor Who (she grudgingly admits). I’d also be interested in a collab, although I’m not active on IG. Something to think about, perhaps…

    Liked by 2 people

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