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My latest pickup from Barnes and Nobel this past week, and an amazing local beer! 🍺 Simon Sinek has some amazing videos that you all should definitely check out on YouTube! He is a powerful speaker. Narrow Guage is the best brewery I have tried so far in Missouri as well. Cheers! 🍻 #bookstagram #book #bookblogger #craftbeer #beer #simonsinek #narrowgauge
Another book that I've picked up recently and super excited to start reading is Seveneves! . Plus two beers from two of my favorite breweries! 🍺 @nightshiftbeer and @eviltwinbrewing cheers to them🍻 Everyday once a day give yourself an IPA🤙🏻 . #bookblogger #bookstagram #books #reading #craftbeer #bookaholic #beergeek #beer #booksandbeer
I'm loving the cover for this baby too! I am a sucker for these #barnesandnoble classic editions. I see the gilding and NEED to buy it 😫 . #bookstagram #bookblogger #books #reading #mythology #bookaholic
Look at what I just picked up! I have VERY high expectations for this series. I loved the game so much that I hope I am not dissapointed 🙃. . Remember: Silver for monsters 🗡️ . #bookstagram #books #bookblogger #bookaholic #reading #thewitcher
I am loving this 10th anniversary edition of Name of the Wind!! Look at those sexy red pages 🤙🏼 . #bookstagram #bookblogger #books #booklover #patrickrothfuss #nameofthewind #barnesandnoble #bookaholic
Another perfect pairing 🍺📖 🤤 . Ready Player One and Armada were both fun reads by #ernestcline. Just don't go watch the movie... Cheers 🍻 . #bookstagram #bookblogger #blogger #books #craftbeer #beer #readyplayerone #beergeek

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About Me

Welcome to the blog!

My name is Chaz, and I write boring blog posts. Most of my posts are my random thoughts about the books I read, and I call them reviews. (Or shitty blog posts) I created this blog to force myself to get writing practice, and hopefully meet some cool people on the way.

I post on occasion (I read too slow to post that often), but lately I’ve enjoyed connecting with other bloggers who share similar interests much more than posting on my own site.


 I will rate most of the books I read pretty high because I shop around to find what I know I will like before I pick it up. Sometimes I get carried away and become an instant fan-boy of a book I just read. (Or honestly anything by Brandon Sanderson at this point) You can’t stop THE HYPE TRAIN BABY! Hopefully my genuineness and enthusiasm will show through my poor writing skills. 😀

If I don’t like something and it’s too long to finish, I will drop it immediately and won’t say anything about it. We all do not have the time left in our lives to finish our “To Read” pile.

I try to be too funny all of the time, and I really can’t help it. My greatest joy is making people laugh. I will keep going and going if people are laughing. (Or if it’s just me laughing at my own jokes. Which is all the time…) My greatest passion are stories. I love experiencing a good emotional impact from stories through any medium.

Other than that, I have a boring/high stress integration specialist/account management job, live in the great state of MA, I try to go to the gym as much as possible, I play video games, I obviously try to read as much as I can, and I eat way too much pizza. I’ve turned into quite the craft beer snob as well. Being in the New England area I have access to some of the best breweries in the world. (What a hipster)

You can find out a bit more about me by reading answers to 100 or so questions here and here.

Please feel free to shoot me an email/message anytime! I love being able to connect with people who share the same interests as myself! Add me on social media/hangouts/come to my mom’s house for dinner.


Feel free to buy me some liquid crack. Here

Thanks for stopping by,

19622949_233098510535070_3570388931432153088_n – Chaz

life of chaz


7 comments on “About Me

  1. rainebowy says:

    Can absolutely relate to the excitement about anything Sanderson puts out 😀


    1. Sanderson is awesome on every level. I’ve not read ALL of his books yet. But I intend to. I also enjoy watching his lectures on writing. He’s wise beyond his years.


  2. The Leisure Reader says:

    Haha! You literally sound like my best friend!

    As a fellow New Englander, and partner owns a brewing company, I am high fiving you on the beer snob shenanigans.


  3. Hey thanks for appreciation on my ‘ Worst kept secret’ –
    stay blest


  4. I saw you mentioned Brandon Sanderson. I’m currently halfway through the Wheel of Time series, which was a Robert Jordan series that Sanderson completed when Jordan passed away. I was just curious is you have read WOT?


  5. Wolfram-J VK says:

    I know I’m going to fall into this blog simply by what’s on your about page. Like I get it!


  6. Pat says:

    Hi Chaz, just a word to say thanks for following my blog regularly



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