The Witcher 3

You flee my dream come the morning...

VGM of the Day 8: Gerudo Valley by Koji Kondo

VGM of the Day 7: Dire, Dire Docks by Koji Kondo The nostalgia! 

VGM of the Day 6: The Tengu Wall by Jeremy Soule   A personal favorite of mine!

VGM of the Day 5: Icarus by Micheal McCann

VGM of the Day 4: Epilogue by Hans Zimmer

VGM of the Day 3: To Zanarkand by Nobuo Uematsu

VGM of the Day 2: Stickerbush Symphony by David Wise

Video Game Music of the Day 1: Guild Wars Factions Theme by Jeremy Soule    

Ember Bay: Behind the Scenes – GuildWars2

Arena Net just released an awesome behind the scenes look at the newest update coming to GuildWars2. I am enjoying the fact that Anet has decided to step up their marketing team to bring us rare videos such as this. It is nice to be able to put some faces behind the names we have…

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